Jamesfrancis.nl is one of the main websites for the works of the articulate literary artist James Francis. James Francis is an academic and forensic psychology postgraduate residing in Greater London. The pieces presented here are subject to copyright protection and are registered with the One.com recording office. Jamesfrancis provides a wide range of poetry touching upon both relatable, and fictional deviant subjects; entertainment however is the underlying motive behind all depictions, therefore we hope you enjoy your visit to Jamesfrancis.nl

Jamesfranicis is now also blogging! So those readers that want to know more about the up and coming book, its contents, and find out what sort of deviant depictions you can expect... come along to Blog.Jamesfrancis.nl

Our book entitled “A Portrait of Deviance” by Jamesfrancis and Elise Italiaander will be released in April 2013 and will be avaliable to buy from  Jamesfrancis.nland both online and offline book stores; Jamesfrancis.nl will continually be updated detailing all related information. We hope you take pleasure in reading the new and latest pieces written by the outstanding up and coming author Jamesfrancis, and visit again soon!


None of the information on the site is intended to offend, however readers should be advised that topics considered taboo are explicitly expanded upon and depicted throughout.



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